Welcome to Saturn Tables

Saturn Tables provides a construct for methodical and organized construction of WordPress List Tables, the native format WordPress uses to display tabular data in the administration area. Designed for developers, this plugin is for projects involving data outside the WordPress data structure.

With simple PHP and MySQL programming, the plugin will construct beautiful and seamless data tables for custom datasets in the administration area of WordPress. And it is much easier than constructing custom data tables, pagination and other functionality from scratch.

Saturn Tables was designed because several clients needed something like this. In general, people do things with WordPress outside the native data structure, and it’s desirable to display and input data seamlessly in the WordPress administration area.

You can test drive Saturn Tables examples by registering and/or logging in. The admin bar will appear and in the upper left corner of the admin bar you can explore the “Cars” and “Countries” sample datasets and layouts.

Saturn Tables is licenced under the GNU GPL v2 license and the public repository is maintained at:


Support is generally available on a consulting basis.

Please use properly tagged releases if installing from the repository.