array key: column_markup

The column_markup definition defines the markup such as applying a bold font weight, font color or links surrounding a data value. Generally it would be a bold link to edit the row itself through an input form or maybe a link on a data value to apply a filter based on the value. The column markup simply applies formatting and HTML to the data based on the column key.

$list_table_definitions['column_markup'] = call_user_func('saturn_tables_cars_list_table_markup', $page, $item, $page_number);
function saturn_tables_cars_list_table_markup($page, $item, $page_number) {

    $item_id = (isset($item['id']) && ((int)$item['id'] > 0)) ? $item['id'] : 0;
    $make = (isset($item['make'])) ? $item['make'] : "";

    return array('make' => sprintf('<strong><a href="?page=%s&id=%d">%s</a></strong>', 'saturn-tables-cars-add-edit-car', $item_id,  $make ) );