Saturn Tables is a WordPress plugin that provides easy access to List Tables, the standard format WordPress uses to display tabular information in the administration panel. Historically WordPress has maintained that List Tables are internal and subject to change. However they also note List Tables are widely used in plugins. Saturn Tables believes that Automattic would probably use care altering List Tables, and that we will provide updates when necessary.


Saturn Tables currently relies on the core List Table classes, however we maintain a repository of core List Table classes to watch for changes.

As a WordPress Administrator I designed Saturn Tables because three of my four clients needed something like this. Two of my clients return data that is fully external to WordPress, financial and legal, and my main client needs specific views of Gravity Forms data combined with native WordPress user data.

One of the issues faced when rolling out custom List Tables is List Tables should be hooked to “plugins_loaded” and not “admin_menu” when rendering. Saturn Tables provides a way of setting up admin menus and submenus with list tables hooked to “plugins_loaded” facilitating easy construction of custom WordPress administration functionality.

Saturn Tables requires PHP programming and use of callbacks and hooks. There are ample code examples and developer support for paying users. The codex is available for experienced users installing from the public repository.